Today in the city Parachute 24.05.2017
Guy Rides on Back of Wingsuit Before Flying With Parachute

This guy got on the back of a person in a wingsuit. He rode along as they glided in the air. Eventually, he let go and released his parachute creating an even more exhilarating experience.

Google finally shows why we should all be excited for AI

You never know what to expect from Google's I/O developer conference. One year people are parachuting in with Google Glass on their faces and another year it's hey look at this completely modular phon...

Airbus says a ride in its 'flying car' will cost the same as a regular taxi — here's a first glimpse of what's to come

Airbus is inching closer to the very first test flight of its electric aircraft and says a ride in the vehicle will be as cheap "as taking a taxi" per mile. Airbus' Silicon Valley arm is developing a...

Guy Rides Off Cliff on Tricycle and Uses Parachute to Land

Travis Pastrana decided to perform an extremely risky stunt. He rode a tricycle off a cliff then parachuted straight into Lake Powell.

Parachuter Jumps Off High Bridge

This daredevil took the ultimate leap of faith when he jumped off a very high bridge. Just as he was about to reach the water, he opened up his parachute and glided across the water to safety.

The Moment a War Hero Becomes a War Hero

On June 12, 1944, Andrew Mynarski and his men flew over Northern France when they were hit with cannon fire and their plane was set ablaze. The crew grabbed their parachutes and jumped out. Mynar...

See a daring skydiver parachute from a massive drone - CNET

It takes a big drone to haul a person into the air and it takes a brave person to get on board and jump off with a parachute.

Swinging From a Paraglider Is a Terrifying Way to See the Swiss Alps

Not content with hopping aboard a tour bus or renting a helicopter, professional base jumper Quentin Luçon figured the best way to see the Swiss Alps was to hang from a giant swing suspended below so...

Main Parachute Not Found Connected to Skydiver Who Died

Authorities say the main parachute being used by an experienced skydiver wasn't attached to him when his body was found in a western New York field.

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